Kapuuola Hula Festival

Hawaii is a breathtaking destination that invites visitors from near and far to come and make the most of incredible scenery, lush landscapes, and sensational surf. From canyons to cliffsides and the dense jungle in between, the islands offer up a plethora of pleasing sights, sounds and encounters with nature. Beyond the scenery, Hawaii is also a land of legend and history. Dance has long been a part of the way Hawaiians tell their stories and perhaps no artform is as impressive or instantly recognizable for visitors than Hula. To honor this cultural tradition of dance, the Kapuuola Hula Festival is an annual event that’s loved by locals and visitors alike.

A Testament to Time Through Hula

The Kapuuola Hula Festival will be held June 21 and June 22 in 2019 at Pu’uokapolei historic site in Oahu. Hosted by the Ulu A’e Learning Center, the Kapuuola Hula Festival is a colorful and energetic celebration of all things Hawaiian tradition and dance. The festival features dancers of all skill levels and ages performing chants and Hula dances that tell the story of island time through the centuries. While the dancers take to the stage, this festival is also a wonderful way for up and coming choreographers and composers to showcase their talents in the way of preserving island history through motion. It’s one of the best hula competitions in Hawaii.

A Family-Fun Event

The Kapuuola Hula Festival is a family-friendly event that is free to the public and plays host to the performances of 12 different Hula schools from across the islands. Live musical entertainment takes to the stage between sets to delight visitors throughout the day. Food and beverage are readily available as the festival plays host to a variety of local vendors that serve up savory snacks when cravings come calling. Additionally, guests who are interested in purchasing a souvenir will want to take time to explore the craft booths that are set up for the duration of the festival featuring the works of local artisans and crafters.

Dance Your Way Through Hawaii at the Kapuuola Hula Festival

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