Experience Magic Island

When a well-deserved vacation is in order, there’s no place more relaxing, rejuvenating and inviting than the islands of Hawaii. Dense with tropical forests, sweeping canyons, and mesmerizing cliffsides, the Hawaiian Islands call to travelers in the name of snorkeling, swimming, shopping, dining and making the most of encounters with an incredible culture. No matter what your interest or passion, Hawaii promises to be a place where there’s always more to discover. When you are visiting Hawaii and are searching for the best places to visit in Honolulu, then you must include a visit to Magic Island, a piece of man-made paradise within this archipelago that’s sure to inspire.

Resort Turned Park Paradise

The peninsula known as Magic Island extends out into the turquoise waters just off of Honolulu and is often a thrilling find for those that are looking for the best places to visit in Honolulu. This piece of paradise was originally developed in 1964 as plans were being put into place to create an impressive hotel and resort area that would add to the island’s increasing demand for tourism accommodations. When plans for the resort were abandoned, the man-made peninsula was instead transformed into a scenic park that today includes beaches, seawalls, and a lagoon. Magic Island finds its place in the ocean adjacent to the ever-popular Ala Moana Beach Park and Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. Its prime location puts it on the map as a popular place to spend the day for those arriving by both land and sea.

Savor Time at Magic Island

The official name of Magic Island is Aina Moana, but this title is rarely used as Magic Island seems to have stuck amongst visitors and locals alike. When you’re in the mood to snorkel, swim, bodyboard or surf Magic Island is the place to be. A seawall protects this area from more aggressive waves, earning its status as a prime place for making the most of beautiful and tranquil waters. If you come to spend the day on the beach located on Magic Island be sure to pack an umbrella. While Magic Island Beach hosts an array of emerald foliage on its outer limits, for the most part, it is a sun-soaked stretch of sand that features turquoise waves in abundance.

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