1 Bedroom Waikiki Sunset Rentals

A trip to Waikiki Beach is a wonderful and nearly magical experience on the Hawaiian Islands that combines the best of coastal beauty and colorful island intrigue. There’s nothing like spending time in a place where the itinerary is packed with trips to the beach, flavorful luaus and incredible shopping and dining experience. Whether you’re looking to get out into nature or pamper yourself in island luxury, Waikiki is an unforgettable destination. When you’re here and looking to make the most of your stay, be sure to book our 1 bedroom Waikiki Sunset condos for rent.

Scenic Luxury and Amazing Amenities

Whether you’re traveling solo or looking to cozy up with family and friends, our 1 bedroom Waikiki Sunset condos for rent keep both comfort and the incredible view top of mind. Bring the beauty of the outside world in by staying in a rental condo that comes complete with floor to ceiling windows and a private balcony perfect for waking up to an ocean view each day of your stay. Waikiki Sunset is a 38-floor tower that provides the optimum viewing potential for each and every guest.

Those staying in our 1 bedroom rentals will often enjoy the spacious feeling that comes with an open floor plan for maximizing space for sleeping and socializing. Fully-equipped kitchens keep you cooking on nights you aren’t out exploring the Waikiki dining scene and are stocked with the utensils you need and the modern appliances you love. Plush furniture and stylish d├ęcor complete the picture with a stay in a 1 bedroom Waikiki Sunset condo that brings the comfort and luxury you deserve.

Elegant Extras

A stay at the Waikiki Sunset is sure to please, but don’t be shy when inquiring about the luxurious extras at this location! Let us know if you’re hoping our 1 bedroom Honolulu condominium vacation rentals come with a particular view or style of furnishings. Once you leave your rental, be sure to make time to enjoy the 6th-floor tennis court, swimming pool and hospitality lounge. Guests who book with Koko Resorts will also enjoy free on-site parking, making accessing your 1 bedroom Waikiki Sunset condo nothing more than an island breeze.

Stay and Enjoy Waikiki

When you’ve soaked up the land-based beauty of Waikiki Beach, be sure to book a snorkeling adventure at Hanauma Bay. The Hawaiian Islands are home to some of the world’s most striking marine life and a snorkeling trip is an experience in tropical wonder and color like you’ve never seen before!

Germaine’s Hawaiian Luau

Enjoying Hawaii is about soaking up the sights, but it’s also about experiencing local and cultural moments. There’s no better way to get a comprehensive picture of Hawaii’s strong roots than to attend Germaine’s Hawaiian luau while staying in our Waikiki Sunset condos for rent. This 3.5-hour experience takes guests into the heart of Hawaiian traditions by featuring a variety of dances and performances while guests indulge in delicious Hawaiian fare. Music, games, and crafts are top of mind while the scent of flower petals permeates the air all around you. Once you’ve received your lei, you’re officially a part of the spirit of Hawaii and Germaine’s Hawaiian Luau is sure to be one you won’t forget.

Fireworks and Sunset Photo Tour

While your Waikiki days are sure to be filled with seaside fun, let one evening of your stay capture the beauty of that precious time between day and night when the sun goes down in style. Booking a spot on a Fireworks and Sunset Photo Tour is an Oahu favorite that happens on Friday evenings for photographers of all skill levels. Hosted by Oahu Photography Tours, this event has an experienced photographer and guide leading guests around the island and giving them instruction, advice and a chance to capture some of the most amazing evening moments imaginable. Catch everything from fireworks to sunsets streaking across the sky on film. You’ll be honing your photography skills while creating a collection of memories to take home with you as well when you stay in our Waikiki Sunset condos for rent.

Catamaran Sunset Cruise

When your idea of a perfect Hawaiian excursion doesn’t involve anything more than taking in the incredible sights, be sure to book a Catamaran Sunset Cruise with Maita’i Catamaran. Providing guests with a 1.5-hour experience, this tour is one that takes you from Waikiki Beach off into the gentle seas to make the most of colors that are painted across the island’s skies each evening. Wine, Champagne and Mai Tai’s await those onboard who have purchased a ticket to experience this scenic moment. Enjoy a friendly crew and ample opportunities for photos as you cruise leisurely before returning home.

Diamond Head Crater Hiking Tour

For those travelers looking for a more challenging take on their Hawaiian experience, a Diamond Head Crater Hiking Tour is a must-try. Hosted by Oahu Nature Tours, this experience gives hiking enthusiasts the opportunity to summit this iconic landmark alongside a knowledgeable guide. Lace-up your boots and get ready to work for a wonderful view as you indulge your physical skills during this three-hour excursion.

Book a Stay in Our Waikiki Sunset Condos for Rent

Waikiki is a beautiful place filled with opportunities to get out and explore. Let the team at Koko Resorts take care of your Honolulu condominium vacation rentals details so you can make the most of your time on the island. Contact us today to start planning!