Diamond Head State Monument

While all of the Hawaiian Islands bring a pristine sense of tropical tranquility and beauty, there’s something about the dynamic landscape of Honolulu that keeps it close to the hearts of travelers from near and far. Whether you arrive in the name of admiring the dramatic vistas or come with boots laced up ready to take to the tropical trails, Honolulu has much to offer and one of its shining gems is Diamond Head State Monument. This national treasure has long-been captivating the minds and imaginations of visitors. The sheer size of this inspiring landmark makes it worth visiting while you’re here.

Hike and Admire the View

In the heart of this tropical island, Diamond Head State Monument stands out amongst the landscape as a massive crater at the top of a volcanic tuff cone. Experts estimate the origins of this crater date back nearly 300,000 years making it an ancient wonder that’s worth exploring. Guests are invited to hike the trails leading up to the lip of this crater for some of the most spectacular views Honolulu has to offer. Opportunities to march over rugged and tropical terrain for the chance to experience this incredible vantage point has hikers of all experience levels flocking to Diamond Head State Monument annually.

What to Know Before You Go

While the ascent to the top of the crater isn’t terribly difficult, it is recommended that hikers come prepared with the proper footwear and plenty of water on-hand. A variety of overgrown trail sections and potentially mobile rocks makes it imperative that hikers come dressed for the occasion. There is a 99-step staircase on the final section of the trail before the crater is reached that should be taken into consideration before heading out on this excursion.
In total, the hike to the crater and back is approximately 1-hour each way and guests are encouraged to show up early as the last hike leaves just before 4:30 pm daily. If you’re arriving by car, a cash-only parking fee of $5.00 is required and those arriving on foot will be asked for a $1.00 entrance fee. Visitors should be sure to arrive early, as the park often runs out of parking. Once you’ve hiked the trails, enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the tables near the entrance of the park or feel free to take advantage of the few concessions stands on-site. A gift shop is also available to those who would like to pick up a small souvenir to commemorate their Diamond Head Monument adventures.

Explore Island Beauty at the Diamond Head State Monument

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