Big Island Hawaii Snorkeling

The fabulous underwater world is best viewed through snorkeling. Though we may not be familiar with snorkeling in the city, in Hawaii it is commonly done by many as a way of life. With plenty of marine life around, you are sure to be amazed with spectacular underwater views that is literally breathtaking. One cannot snorkel anywhere in the ocean safely owing to the strong currents, but there are a few designated spots in the Big Island that is best suited for snorkeling anytime of the year.

Snorkeling at the Big Island is one of the best things you can do in Hawaii. As the name implies, this island is very big and the majority of the best snorkeling locations are spread around the West side of the island. These sites are easily accessible and have been the predominant location where the locals hang out too.
There are some fun filled boat trips too before you venture out into the water. The amount of coral reef present here will astound you with its health and the important role it plays in nature. Marine life is bountiful here. If you snorkel at the right time of the season, you are sure to witness a lot of colorful fishes, sea turtles, giant manta rays and of course the ever friendly Spinner dolphins.

snorkeling-in-hawaiiBest Snorkeling Spots at Big Island include the Two Steps (Honaunau), Kapoh Tide Pools, Captain Cook monument, Mauna Kea beach, Beach 69/Waialea Bay, Anaehoomalu bay and the Night snorkel with manta rays.

Snorkeling is famous in Big Island due to the following reasons:

  • The shore lines are picture perfect throughout the year and the access remains easier too for everyone to enjoy snorkeling.
  • You get to witness some of the best coral life in all of Hawaii at the Big Island. In the past ten years, the health of these corals have only seen a positive growth. Strict measures are followed here to vastly improve the life of corals.
  • A vast array of tropical fishes and turtles can be seen in the Big Island while you snorkel your way around the oceans. Owing to the abundance of healthy coral reefs, the Big Island attracts the majority of marine life.
  • For beginners and for expert snorkelers, the Big Island has the best spots for everyone to enjoy. There are shallow areas too where the fish could swim around you even at minimal depths.
  • Water here is pristine. The clarity levels are brilliant most of the year and this allows you to enjoy your snorkeling experience to the maximum.

So before you pack up to leave for your snorkeling adventure, make sure you take all the necessary gear for a fabulous snorkeling experience at the Big Islands, Hawaii. We’d be happy to help you find your ideal vacation rental, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and inquiries!

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