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International Marketplace Review

The International Marketplace overwent a large overhaul within the past few years, and so exploring what changed and certain highlights of the new mall would be helpful for those visiting, as well as locals who don’t frequent Waikiki.

Gone is the flea market of old, replaced by a very swanky, upscale shopping venue, serving much of what propagates Waikiki- upper-class shopping venues, including places like Saks Fifth Avenue, a Tesla showroom, Free People, and a food court that caters to the crowd that would visit stores of that fare.

Boasting award winning restaurants, these include Herringbone, Strip Steak, and Yauatcha to name a few. On the ground floor neighboring the large Int. Marketplace sign, The Street is a collective of restaurants that together service the downstairs food court in a less formal, cafeteria style offering. Among these is Nana Lu’s, an exceptional pizza place, a subpar ramen shop, and a great selection of healthy dishes.

Slightly tucked away on the second floor is a great japanese grocery store, Mitsuwa Marketplace. Inside it is Hokkaido Ramen, a great ramen place straight from japan, and a mochi donut store.

Also, there is a soap store, Lush, for all your luxurious scented bath needs, as well as Asics and Sketchers, great stores for shoes if you happen to need something after that muddy hike in Manoa.

International Marketplace is somewhat like the new wing of Ala Moana- though not absolutely necessary, it does add some beauty and class to the area with its tasteful design. The center stage is lit well, the mix of nature with the banyan tree twisting with the structure itself is a great touch. The performances there are varied- with dancers performing hula or a local band playing jams, theres usually something happening every weekend. There are also the occasion free yoga classes offered in the morning, although there are several other offerings in the area.

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