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6 Hottest Spots for Nightlife in Hawaii

ENCORE at the Row

Yelp ReviewsFilled with fabulous music, friendly bartenders, free popcorn and fantastic crowds, the Encore at the Row has become the most sought after bar for most tourists who visit Hawaii. Reasonable prices for drinks and the controlled crowds, make it a favorable place to keep up your party spirits. There are 3 bar stations and each of them are elegantly stocked up. The bartenders are knowledgeable at what they do and are on top of their game. The music here is a good mix of EDM, popular hits and some old school too. If you are looking to spend a fun-filled night with your friends, then this is certainly the place to be.

Above Ultra Lounge

Facebook ReviewA thumping sound system with some of the best DJ’s in town, coupled along with the friendliest bartenders in Waikiki, this is certainly the most recommended place by most tourists. The vibe here is awesome while the staff here are always ready to help you. Bottle service makes it a great choice if you happen to visit with a large group of friends. Relaxed dress codes and fabulous hip-hop music make this as a perfect venue to get twisted all night long.

Ginza Nightclub

Facebook ReviewThe Ginza Nightclub is an extravagant mix of good music and amazing bartenders. The drinks here are priced reasonably while parking needs to be done across the street. There is plenty of room to walk around and relax after a drink. Most people tend not to show up until quite later in the night and that is when the club becomes a bustling place of dancers all around. There are a lot of VIP tables surrounding the dance floor. Many more seating options are also available behind the DJ’s booth where you can really get comfortable and chill out. This place is dominated by Asians most of the time, so if you are looking to party all night long and sleep the next day, don’t miss out the Ginza nightclub.

Tipsy Pig Bar and Grill

Yelp ReviewsThe Tipsy Pig Bar and Grill is very famous for its Soju. The Melon Soju and Peach yogurt soju are known for its delicious taste, while the peach yogurt soju often tastes like calpico, which is a huge plus. This is located right next to Suzie’s and you need to take the elevator up and look up for the Pig logo sign. Though the place is reasonably smaller compared with most places, the atmosphere here is very friendly and is a great place to hang out with friends. Food items are exquisitely delicious and can be ordered quickly with the friendly waiters who check in on you from time to time.

Genius Lounge

Yelp ReviewsThis is a great spot for a night out with friends. The blended cocktails are refreshing and delicious and so is their loco moco pizza which comes out on a thin crust that is crispy with an easy egg on top of it. This gives the pizza the much needed moisture as you cut through it. The crust is very famous since it is sprinkled with parmesan seeds that adds a nice crunch at the end of each slice. Located on the third floor, the Genius lounge has a cool patio where you can request to sit outside and people watch too at your convenience.

Rumfire Waikiki

Yelp ReviewsThe Rumfire Waikiki is a perfectly located bar/lounge with a gorgeous view of the Diamond Head. This is in fact a small lounge where you get to enjoy some of the best drinks of the tropical islands. You also get to take in all the glorious beauty of the Waikiki beach as you sip in your drinks. The wine and cheese platter are known for their fantastic taste, while the infamous Pina Colada is also worth trying out. The Mahi Mahi tacos can spice up your taste buds while you savor in the amazing ambience here. Located in Sheraton, this is a great place to be after your long walks exploring the many sites around.

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