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5 Awesome Things to Do In Hawaii at Night

Evening cruises, snorkeling, gorgeous scenery, stunning landscapes and exotic food might be the primary reason for most tourists to visit the fabulous Hawaiian Islands. But one does not need to stay active only during the daytime, since Hawaii has its own set of unique things to do as soon as the sun goes down.
As the stunning sunset gives way to a clear and starry spectacle of the night skies, tourists can explore the natural and cultural wonders of the island with the help of many organizations and night tour operators. The tropical islands of Hawaii are blessed with clean and pollution-free air that makes it easy to see the amazing constellations in the night skies. You get to see the moon with a whole new perspective in Hawaii, owing to a clear atmospheric condition. Meteors are sure to capture your imagination too once in a while.
For the enthusiastic astronomers, romantic couples and the many other types of tourists who flock this island each year, here are 5 unique ways to experience the Aloha state as soon as the stars begin to shine in the darkness.

Gunstock Ranch Moonlight Ride, Oahu:

This is a family-owned establishment that lets guests enjoy the rural beauty of the windward side of Oahu. It is a 90 minute guided horse ride in the moonlight like a Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboy). This is the only horse ride that is done during the night time. It departs right on time for the fantastic sunset views as well. As the moon rises on the horizon, the horses get to work and the saddled tourists can savor the singular stroll under the cold Hawaiian night skies for the ride of a lifetime.

Koloa Zipline Sunet/Night Tour, Kauai:

This is a 4 hour excursion that begins as soon as the daylight comes to an end. Enthusiastic tourists get to soar along 8 ziplines including the longest one that is present on the South shore of Kauai. The second half of the zipline journey is done in complete darkness with only flashlights and headlamps to illuminate the way. Recent improvements have enabled the use of Flyin’ Kauaian harness that lets them soar along the ziplines without the use of their hands. This is a unique thrill ride that every visitor has to participate in while visiting the fabulous Hawaiian Islands.

Meteor Shower Cruises with Wild Side Specialty Tours, Oahu:

meteor shower hawaiiThe waterline off Oahu’s Waianae coast are famous for watching the meteor showers that take place on a regular basis. Rightfully timed with the meteor showers, Wild Side takes a small group offshore on a 42 foot catamaran. Ambient lighting does not make its way here so tourists are often shocked to see the spectacular views of the constellations and the occasional meteors in the crystal clear night skies.

Moonlight Tidepool Explorations with Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF), Maui:

tide-pool-hawaii-nightThe tide pools in Hawaii are often the busiest place during the dark hours of the night time. They are often found teeming with nocturnal species such as the brittle stars, urchins, octopuses, shrimp, snails and baby fishes. When the night sky is decorated with a full moon and the tide is just low enough, the marine life experts lead the tourists along the South Maui coast for a thrilling night walk. Protective footwear is mandatory and you might want to bring your own set of flashlights if you want to enjoy seeing in the darkness.

Twilight at Kalahuipuaa, Mauna Lani Resort, Hawaii Island:

Every month on the Saturday that is closest to the full moon, famous musicians, hula masters and storytellers gather around with the tourists and locals for a free-evening of Hawaiiana. At Eva Parker Woods Cottage, around 400 people get to relax on the lawn which is a sacred place with its deep historical and spiritual roots that date back to the centuries. This is a perfect venue for sharing the Aloha spirit with everyone and it is a must-see location for the avid tourist who get to visit the fabulous Hawaiian Islands.

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