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Where To Go In Hawaii

Once you reach the Hawaiian island, you are sure to wonder where to start from. This is a common problem with most tourists if you are not aware of the island. Coming out of the city life and venturing into your first tropical destination is by far the best choice that many people have chosen to do. Not only does it help you relax with friends and family, but it also provides the curious mind an insatiable amount of knowledge to know the world better.
The Hawaiian Islands are unique to its stunning scenery and fantastic beaches. Climate stays constant throughout the year which is a major benefit for travelers to enjoy and visit the many sights and sceneries in and around the island. Some of the many places that you can visit in this gorgeous island are listed below.  If you come to visit beautiful Hawaii, consider staying at one of our beautiful Waikiki Banyan Condos.

The Big Island:

You can enjoy the Kona Coffee Plantations located on the west coast to wetter Hilo. The Akaka Waterfalls is nearby and the Volcano National park is on the south side of the island. This is one of the few places in the world where you can walk on lava flows and feel the land being treated right under your feet. Of course, there are helicopter rides too for the faint hearted travelers who are not fond of lava flows.  Check out our blog on the 5 Best Kept Secrets of Honolulu.


This is one of the most gorgeous places that any upscale traveler has to visit in Hawaii. It goes by the nickname of the Garden Isle and it surely lives up to it with its stunning landscape. You can also raft all the way to see the Napali Coast which is sure to keep you mesmerized with its spectacular scenery. The Wailua Waterfalls is a sight to behold for every traveler.


This island has almost 5 million visitors each year from all over the world. It is a place buzzing with activity all the time. Historical places such as Pearl Harbor and the Bishop Museum are a must-see for every traveler to know more about this island. The famous beaches such as the Waikiki beach lets you enjoy those pristine beach walks for a long time before you get to do your shopping and enjoy the colorful nightlife. Accommodations are competitively affordable compared to other parts of the island and they offer some of the best in service too at any given resort.


Maui is the best of both worlds out together. It is a combination of the most popular place yet a majestic one. More than 2 million tourists flock this island each year and you will get to see why when you visit this place. Kayaks, sailboats, catamarans, outriggers, snorkel, scuba, submarines and many more is what you can do here. The beaches also give you a choice of white, gold, red or black sand options which is quite extraordinary. Haleakala National Park has a dormant crater that lets you imagine yourself being on Mars as you watch the fantastic sunrise and sunsets.

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