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Waikiki Beach in Hawaii

When Hawaii is mentioned, images of white sand beaches surely comes to mind and more than likely, it’s an image of Waikiki Beach that you visualize first. As one of Oahu’s most well-loved and popular beach destinations, Waikiki Beach has long been recognized as the ultimate sandy destination when Hawaii is the vacation destination of the day. Stretching over 2-miles of land, Waikiki Beach is more than just a place to lounge in the sun. It is integrated into a vibrant and thriving community that offers up plenty to do with an incredible view to go with it all.

Beach and Beyond

During the daylight hours, Waikiki Beach in Hawaii pulses with activity. Those who are most comfortable in the water will want to take advantage of time snorkeling, swimming, surfing and paddling through the crystal-clear waters that lap the shoreline. While working on your perfect tan is a favorite Waikiki pastime, it’s just as fun to people-watch from the comfort of a beach chair as this area is well-known for beckoning tourists in droves. The Waikiki Beach promenade makes for a wonderful daytime walk and provides vistas that incorporate land, activity, sea, and sky.
Opposite of the water, visitors to Waikiki Beach who are enchanted by island architecture will be pleased by the opportunity to take in the sight of miles of luxurious hotels. This area is home to a variety of structures built for hospitality and can make for an interesting skyline contrast to the ocean just on the other side.
If you prefer to view the beach from above, Waikiki Beach is a hot spot for parasailing. There are a number of vendors available down the length of the beach willing to instruct you in the art of climbing into the skies so you can admire the view below.

Exciting Nightlife

When the sun goes down, the activity level at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii goes way up. This area is chock-full of bars, restaurants, shops, and nightclubs that keep the energy level high into the wee hours of the morning. Those visiting with a passion for dancing, drinking and laughing the night away will love the variety of nighttime activity available all along the length of Waikiki Beach.

Stay and Enjoy the View at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are packed with opportunities to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Let the team at Koko Resorts book you into a vacation rental that keeps you close to the fun at Waikiki Beach. We’ll make sure your home away from home provides the island comfort, convenience and luxury you deserve. Contact us today to begin planning your next adventure!

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