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Safety in Waikiki

Safety in Waikiki is a very important topic to discuss. It is never fun to have the safety talk- but it is essential when talking about Waikiki- just like any other major metropolitan area, there are things to watch out for and to be aware of.  This is not to dissuade you from having a good time- by all means this is not a comprehensive list of hard do’s and dont’s, though if it helps someone enjoy their vacation more, that’s what it’s here for.

Safety in Waikiki

Thankfully, in Hawaii, many people, particularly employees in Waikiki, are usually very helpful to tourists. While that might not hold true for all parts of the island, Waikiki is extremely tourist friendly- during the day. There are police that frequently patrol the streets to help you in case you are lost, and there are more Japanese speakers and bilingual translators on hand than any other place on the island.  The water in Waikiki is also typically very friendly, with currents and tides being usually very manageable.

The Bad

While Waikiki is amazing during the day, the nightlife is like any other city in the sense that there is a wide variety of people there. Particularly in the morning hours- past midnight, there are people who are looking to cause trouble to tourists and locals alike. Always have a group of people with you, particularly if you are in the military, as the haircut itself can be a target for harassment by some particular groups of people, and running away from a dangerous situation is always a good choice if you’re outnumbered.

The Manageable

The fact is that everywhere has its ups and downs, and Oahu is no exception to that. Our homeless are strewn throughout our metropolitan area, some are unsafe, but most are just sitting placidly with their signs. Just try not to stare at them!
Oahu is my home, and has been for the majority of my life, and I consider it a very welcoming and safe place. While you shouldn’t go in blind, there is still a lot of Aloha to be shared here.

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