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Manoa Falls

The Hawaiian Islands are notorious for their breathtaking beauty. From crystal clear waters to sugary white sand beaches it’s hard to look anywhere without an exquisite sight in store. Those who are heading to the islands in the name of chasing some of the world’s most beautiful cascades will want to make sure a trip to Manoa Falls is first on their list. Nestled into the jungle landscape of Honolulu, Manoa Falls in Hawaii can be accessed at 37 Manoa Road and makes for a wonderful day-long escape into the wonders of nature.

Hike and Admire

Manoa Falls is best experienced on foot, and the trailhead at Paradise Park is the ideal starting point. A bridge and rainforest valley await you on the trail leading to Manoa Falls. Guest will find themselves immersed in the beauty of a rainforest trek and may want to consider packing a light rain jacket and appropriate footwear for the tree roots and gravel that are met along the way. Those with a passion for plants will fall in love with the variety of vibrant wildflowers that dot the path. As you move along, you’ll admire the banyan trees, bamboo eucalyptus, and guava that naturally decorate the forest trail.

The Wonder of Waterfalls

On average it takes about half an hour to complete the trail and reach Manoa Falls in Hawaii. Once you arrive, you’ll understand why the walk is worth it. Cascading 150-feet down the rocky mountainside, this waterfall provides a sensational scene that is quick to captivate. Feel free to linger, capture that perfect photograph and spend some time indulging in the natural beauty that surrounds you. An exquisite pool below catches the water as it falls and is surrounded by massive boulders that are the result of a rock slide that hit the area in 2002. While the pool isn’t made for safe swimming, it’s perfect for admiring and enjoying a peaceful moment with nature.

Guided Excursions

If you’re looking for a bit of guidance getting to Manoa Falls, not to worry. There are several companies in Honolulu that provide guided tours to this magnificent destination. Spend a day with a knowledgeable tour guide who will be happy to give you the background stories that surround these popular island tourist destinations.

Book a Stay in Manoa Falls in Hawaii

After a day spent exploring Manoa Falls, make sure you have a vacation rental booked that keeps that sense of scenic beauty alive for the duration of your stay. The team at Koko Resorts is dedicated to matching guests with vacation rentals that are suited to personal taste and style. Contact us today to begin turning Hawaiian dreams into reality.

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