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Hawaiian Diving Adventures

One look out over the Pacific Ocean during your stay in Hawaii is all you need to want to dive into these crystal blue waters. The Hawaiian Islands are surrounding by some of the best diving conditions for you to experience. Hawaiian Diving Adventures is committed to offering only the best underwater experience on the islands. Here is what you can find with one of their incredible diving tours:

Certified Diving Adventures

Hawaiian Diving Adventures provides two different diving experiences for certified divers. Join the Deep Wreck and Shallow Dive that is designed for more experienced divers. This dive takes you into actual wrecks that have occurred around Hawaii and other deeper diving sites that you can choose from. Beginner divers will enjoy the Shallow Reef dives that take you 30-60 feet below the water. These shallow dives are great for underwater photography as the natural light is incredible. Diving tours start at $120 per certified diver with cheaper options for snorkeling.

Open Water Certification

If you are looking at obtaining your diving certification, look no further than Hawaiian Diving Adventures. Courses can easily be completed in just three days allowing you plenty of time to join in on the certified diving adventures. All equipment is included so you do not have to worry about finding your own. Courses can be scheduled as private sessions, or you can join others to learn from each other. Courses start at $475 and include four dives for you to enjoy.

Beginner Scuba Diving

If you have just obtained your certification, make sure to join in on the Beginner Scuba Diving courses. These include two dives from a boat where you will learn all of the basic guidelines for a successful dive. Each dive is completed in small groups so you do not have to fight any large crowds. You will enjoy an average depth of 40 feet and see aquatic life such as eels, rays, octopus, and even dolphins! Begging scuba dives start at $155 per person and are a great way to see what is under the water in Hawaii!

Finding Hawaiian Diving Adventures

Schedule your next diving adventure by calling 808-232-3193 or by emailing Hawaiian Diving Adventures can be found at 1125 Ala Moana Blvd, Slip C-03 on Honolulu.

Get Ready for Your Hawaiian Adventure

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