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Yokocho Waikiki

Yokocho Waikiki is billed as a “Japan Walk” experience, with numerous vendors all selling food- whether that is matcha green tea at Nana’s Green Tea, or musubi of an organic variety, there’s something interesting around every corner. In the center is a bar that serves a variety of Japanese spirits and beers, and with all the food around to munch on after a drink, its rare not to see a patron there at any hour of the day. Don’t expect them to be open for a bite in the morning, as this strip doesn’t open their doors until 11AM. After that, you’re free to stay there until the doors close at midnight 12AM.

There is a crepe place left at the main entrance, serving Japanese style crepes, french influenced with a unique twist. There are also a swath of ramen choices, with quite a good degree of variety in flavor. The aisle can get very packed with people, as they weren’t very wide to begin with , and the low ceiling asthetic can be a hit or miss during these peak hours.

Also, you’re not guaranteed a seat at the restaurant you may wish to choose initially- thankfully there are plenty of backup options, though it’s definitely something to consider if you plan on taking a party of more than two- space can be somewhat tight at times.

Regarding parking, there is a Duty Free parking structure at T Galleria that is above it, which is free for customers of the DFS, and they are strict on that. Also, across the street is the Royal Hawaiian parking structure, as well as the Ross’s parking structure- which offers a $15 flat rate should you be spending a night on the town. Parking on the street is also free after 6pm on most nights (check the nearby street signs), though street parking in Waikiki can put your vehicle at risk, and parallel parking along the Ala Wai is typically an exercise in patience, though people flow in and out constantly, if you don’t mind a walk, you can’t beat free.

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