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Koko Head Café

Food lovers from near and far can often be found heading to Hawaii in the name of flavorful finds. For those looking for an authentic fare, you don’t have to search far to find restaurants serving up traditional dishes that have long been palate pleasers. Others are looking for those exotic, off the beaten path locales that provide Hawaiian influence alongside global infusion. Wherever your dinner plans may take you, make brunch in Honolulu a stop at Koko Head Café. This laid-back, colorful and delicious dining opportunity highlights the beauty of brunch with the pan-Asian inspired menu too.

Tantalize the Taste Buds at Koko Head in Hawaii

Located at 114c 12th Avenue in Honolulu, Koko Head Café is a family-run establishment that serves up some of the most decadent brunch menu items imaginable. Open daily from 7:00 am until 2:30 pm, guests who choose to spend time at Koko Head Café will have the option to choose from items that include bacon cheddar scones and Alohi cakes. Hawaiian style and applewood smoked bacon pancakes take a bold twist on a traditional favorite while dumplings, breakfast kongee and miso smoked pork are always crowd pleasers. Those looking for something a bit more robust will want to be sure to ask their server about the frittata of the day while salads and skillet eggs cater to a crowd looking to walk on the lean side of their brunch experience.

An Experience in Infusion

Under the direction of Chef Lee Ann Wong, Koko Head Café found its very popular footing in Hawaii with its debut in 2013. The restaurant itself is a unique testament to the fact that food may be most impressively enjoyed when found in non-traditional combinations and at more convenient hours. Loved by many, brunch is a wonderful and social hour that calls for both breakfast and lunch favorites. When Chef Wong decided to leave her fashion career for food, she worked hard to make sure her restaurant was a reflection of the combination of choices available to us all on a daily basis. Blending cultures, flavors, and experiences, Koko Head in Hawaii brings locals and visitors together in the name of a common brunch with a variety of uncommon choices waiting to greet you!

Time to Unwind

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