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Karai Crab

The goal of going on vacation is often to find a way to relax and unwind in style. When you’re looking for a place that caters to letting go of stress and indulging in the island lifestyle, there’s no place quite like the Hawaiian Islands. The sand, sun and turquoise surf provides the ideal backdrop for a destination where you can find time to enjoy life to the fullest. Whether you love exploring jungles, hiking canyons or seeking out spectacular waterfalls, the Hawaiian Islands promises endless fun and options to do something new and different. When you’re searching for some Hawaii crab restaurants that reflect the island ambiance as well, be sure to take time out of your itinerary for a stop at Karai Crab in Honolulu.

Hawaii Crab Restaurants – Where Fun and Flavor Collide

Located at 901 Hausten Street in Honolulu, Karai Crab, which translates to “spicy,” is a dining establishment integrated into The Willows with a mission to provide a fun and enjoyable space for friends and family to gather and dine in flavorful style. Delivering up a laid-back and casual atmosphere, Karai Crab welcomes regulars and visitors from near and far to make their way here in the name of trying something bold and new. An extensive Hawaii seafood menu complete with bold sauces and options to mix and match from the menu make this a customized dining experience quite unlike any other the island offers up. Eco-friendly and many vegetarian menu options mean it’s also a versatile stop for diners with restrictions. A kid’s menu complete with catfish, chicken, and shrimp makes Karai Crab a great place to go when you’re traveling through with little ones in tow.

Make the Most of the Menu

Dinner begins with a Hawaii seafood selection at Karai Crab and options range from shrimp and clams to mussels and King Crab. Seasonings come next and there are options to select everything from garlic butter to lemon pepper and tropical Hawaiian infusions. Finally, pick your spice level and beverage and get ready to enjoy a delicious, customized meal. Daily specials are always available, and guests are encouraged to ask their servers about the savory details.

Stay and Enjoy Hawaii

Making your way to Hawaii for vacation is bound to be an unforgettable adventure. While you’re here, be sure you’re booked into a gorgeous, comfortable and convenient vacation rental with Koko Resorts. Our team of professionals is always on-hand to help you find the perfect place for your stay. Contact us for more information and to begin planning your next adventure!

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