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Best Coffee/Tea Spots in Waikiki

Waikiki has a plethora of Starbucks, however if you really want a brew of 100% Kona Coffee, or a Nitro blend that will have a unique taste, be sure to check out these several places in Waikiki.

Island Vintage Coffee

A unique coffee store in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center on the second floor, it is loaded with great gifts to take home in the form of coffee, teas and souvenirs. The coffee here is great, and the restaurant area is relaxed for being in the heart of Waikiki. Their ingredients are fresh, and the acai bowls there also stand out.

Starbucks Reserve

With only 14 locations around the world, the Starbucks Reserve is a unique offering of Starbucks, with all the original style of coffee you’re used to, as well as a variety of other ways that i’ve never seen before. There unique methods include: Clover Brewed, a full-immersion brewer that uses vacuum filration, Coffee Press, a thicker brew that allows the coffee’s natural oils to seep in, Pour-Over, a controlled hand-pour precisely crafted, the Siphon, an advanced machine that is a wonder to watch in action, and the Chemex, a beautiful brewer with a  triple-layer paper filter for a pure cup of coffee. They are also one of the few places to offer 100% Kona coffee, with no impurities in the blend like many other places.

Nana’s Green Tea

Although not solely specializing in green tea, this place makes a thick, rich matcha that is one of a kind. The matcha latte is a standout there, with a deep roasted flavor and subtle sweetness. You can find it in the new japanese food court Yokocho, in the center aisle.


Coffee or Tea?


A fairly blunt title doesn’t reveal the company’s one drink that has earned its popularity among locals- bubble milk tea. The sweet flavor isn’t overpowering, and is a light creaminess that is unmatched. The boba itself is fresh and chewy, and just the right amount.

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