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6 Best Restaurants and Bars in Honolulu

Tonkatsu Tamafuji

Tonkatsu Tamafuji RestaurantThis is a highly rated Tonkatsu joint in Hawaii. From the warm and welcoming “Iraishamase” to the “arigatou gozaimasu!” greetings to the exceptionally delicious food, this has become the most favorite Tonkatsu joint for most visitors and locals in Hawaii. Even though the prices are a little steep along with the paid parking, the place is often packed up for its delicious food, service and ambience. You are given a warm towel after which you can try some tsukemono and rice. Flaky shrimps and oysters are a delicacy worth trying here along with the availability of unlimited rice to suit your appetite. The tonkatsu is done with meticulous cooking precision and is perfectly flakey, crunchy and light. The pork tenderloins are tender too and is a perfect combination with a seasoned rice mix. With great customer service and the perfect ambience of an open kitchen, the Tonkatsu Tamafuji is definitely worth the visit. But make sure to work your appetite to enjoy the many varieties of food available here.

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Ono Seafood

The udon noodles here are super chewy, tasty and freshly handmade on site. Maintained in the right temperature, this is certainly the item that most grab on to. The long wait for your order is definitely worth it since you also get to see the intricate process in which the udon noodles are being prepared for you. The Niku Udon which is a combination of sweet beef, caramelized onions and a soft boiled egg is quite common here. The food pricing is affordable for everyone to enjoy the different varieties of Udon and the curry options available here. The ideal time to visit this place is during the off peak times, otherwise be prepared to wait in line for considerably long periods of time. The seating is self-served, non-reserved and is taken only after you have made your purchase which makes it a fair place to be.

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Helena’s Hawaiian Food

Compared to most restaurants, this is a smaller yet authentic family owned restaurant that offers some of the best tasting home style Hawaiian food. Pipikuala ribs are thick and juicy short ribs that comes packed with flavor and is certainly the most sought after delicacy here. Fried butterfish which are super crispy and buttery are worth the long wait in the line. Lomi salmon which are actually Pico De Gallo with tiny bits of salmon makes a perfect combination with rice. The Kahlua pork is a must try for its moist and the smokiness, while the fried Ahi is a nice substitute as well. Parking here is very limited, so make sure to visit them at the right time for a fun filled evening with friends and family.

Maguro Brothers Hawaii

Located within the Kekaulike Chinatown Market, the Maguro brothers is certainly the best place for poke in the island of Hawaii. The fish served here are extremely fresh along with its excellent flavor. The spam musubi is a good delicacy to try along with the Cho-Toro and fried salmon. You will be surprised to find that the fried salmon is cooked with utmost care that it is super crunchy on the outside while the meat is juicy and tender on the inside. The unique location within the market, where they sell fresh meat as well, may not be the prime location for most visitors, but is definitely worth the visit if you would like to get your taste buds relished. As most visitors tend to say after their visit here, it is certainly a hidden gem for food lovers.

The Brewseum

You are in for a big surprise when you visit the Brewseum. Adorned with historical WWII memorabilia, this is truly a unique place to visit on your vacation. Located on Waimanu street and just off the Ward avenue, within a block of Café Duck butt. As you enter, you see a cool jeep and planes flying above your head. Just a few steps away from the bar and you enter the actual Home of the Brave museum. There is a pathway that leads you to the Wiki Waki Woo (aka the Secret Club). This is an aviation themed bar where the bartenders also get to dress the part. This is an area you might like to stay since there is more memorabilia here along with the Big Screen TV shows and movie clips. Valuable collectibles such as the Tiki mugs from the Wiki Waki Woo is certainly worth the extra penny you pay for it. Visitors can get to sit in the cool WWII jeeps and wear the helmets too. But though you have a splendid time here at the Brewseum, it is never too late that three words will resonate within you, “Remember, Honor and Salute”.

Livestock Tavern

Livestock Tavern is one cool bar that is located in the middle of Chinatown. With lots of business men and women passing by, service here is quick and top notch. Visitors can get to relax in the warm ambience here and marvel at the beautiful décor that adorns this place. The food here is mostly buttery and bursting with rich flavors. You can start with a Maine Lobster Sandwich and then proceed with the many types of delicacies available here. Salads are quite tasty with a delicious blend of mushroom and small yet crispy pieces of bacon. Food is certainly affordable here and if you are looking to have a quality lunch time with friends or family then this is surely the place to be. Drinks are a bit pricier, so be warned if you plan on having more than just one.

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