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Helicopter Tours in Hawaii

True beauty lies in the way it is seen. We are all used to the familiar sights around the world through the various photographs that are often captured at ground level. But one of the best ways to truly see the beauty of any place is by boarding onto a helicopter. Your perspective about the destination you travel to is entirely changed when you view it from above. This is a sight that we are not used to in our day to day life and it is sure to capture our imagination in a brilliant way.

Once you reach Hawaii, there are plenty of helicopter tours for you to choose from. Every one of them offer their unique fares and services. You can also get to check them out online and choose the best among them. Affordability is of prime importance to enjoy your vacation and these helicopter tours are priced competitively to suit everyone.


By land, you are sure to enjoy Hawaii. There are plenty of things to do in Hawaii for everyone. You can also rent a vehicle and travel to the far corners of the island and visit all the important places. Hiking and trekking are a common sight in this place for you to be one with nature. But on the contrary, there are many places where the way in is restricted and one cannot simply venture into these spots. Helicopters take to the skies and are capable of giving you stunning scenery below.
Cocooned in the safety of the helicopter, you get to enjoy some of the iconic landscapes and waterfalls from above. This is not something you can do from the ground level and is sure to entice you and your family. A few of the top helicopter tour operators in Hawaii are listed below for your reference.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters – Waikoloa (Waikoloa)
Paradise Helicopters – KONA (Kailua-Kona)
Paradise Helicopters – HILO (Hilo)
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters – Hilo (Hilo)
Safari Helicopter Tours (Hilo)
Sunshine Helicopters Big Island (Waimea)
Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours (Kailua-Kona)
Tropical Helicopter Island Adventures (Hilo)