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6 Events in Hawaii You Don’t Want to Miss


Medici's Music

This is a rare gem of a live music venue located on the 2nd floor of Manoa marketplace. This is connected to the Manoa School of Arts and Music. This unique venue has superb room acoustics since many artists get to perform here. The staff here are welcoming and so is the owner who is courteous to the visitors requirements while they enjoy their time here. On the lower level, the rooms can easily fit about 35 or less. If you want to have some private space you can also reserve your own seats at reasonable rates. A level up and you reach the upstairs where you find the bar in one area and a banquette table on the other with seats that look down on the performing band. One of the specialties here is the All-you-can-eat salad that is quite cheap but offers a plenty of bang for your buck. This is a sweet place to check out for relaxing a night out with friends and family. The live music and atmosphere is awesome here and is certainly worth visiting during your vacation. Their event calendar can be found here!

Hawaii State Art Museum

This is a small museum where most visitors would take just an hour to view all the artworks here. This is not a highly-trafficked place most of the year, since most tourists do not know it exists. It shows up only on a few guidebooks but is certainly a place that you need to visit to see the art works here. There is a children’s room here that offers plenty of diversion for young children. The entry is free here with enough place for a good parking spot at any time of the year. There is also a great restaurant that serves delicious food at judicious prices. This is a perfect spot for people on a first date, parents of small children who just want to spend some quality time and of course anyone who likes to appreciate the local art works. There is a gift shop here along with knowledgeable volunteers and the ever changing exhibits that keeps you coming back to see the many changes. Their event calendar can be found here!

Queen Emma Summer Palace

Queen Emma Summer Palace

One of the most historic places to visit in Hawaii is the Queen Emma Summer Palace. This is located just up the Pali Highway and is home to some of the most fascinating things you can see. You get to see the feather capes, Kahilis and quilts that belong to a historical past yet maintained in its truest form. In the adjoining hall, a short film is presented about Queen Emma’s life. There are huge grounds connecting to the adjacent park. On her birthday, the entry is free. So make sure to check this place out to relish a piece of Hawaiian history. There is a gift shop located here with a good selection of hand-made Hawaiian goods along with books, jewelry and Christmas ornaments too. Refreshments are free in the adjacent hall that includes cookies, fruits, homemade cupcakes, water and hot chocolate drinks. We suggest you to visit this place during Christmas since it is the best time for tourists to visit this historical place. Their events calendar can be found here!

Art After Dark

Art after Dark is held on every Friday during the months from January to October at the Honolulu Museum of Fine Arts. The event is scheduled to run from 6-9pm but is highly advisable for you to arrive early to find a parking spot. A good time is ever so common during this event since there are plenty of DJ live performances, featured artworks, plenty of alcohol stands, beautiful courtyards and a vast number of people of people gathering to have some fun. A 12 month museum membership is required for you to access all the art after dark shows that are held here. There is a different theme for each month and it never gets boring. If you don’t like crowds, then arrive earlier, but if you like the club-like atmosphere, then arrive late and enjoy the night ahead. The events calendar for Art after Dark can be found here!

Hawaii International Film Festival

Hawaii International Film Festival

The Hawaii International Film festival or more commonly known HIFF is a great place to view some of the best screening in Hawaii. HIFF does a fantastic job of gathering films from all around the world for their fall and spring showcase. This includes Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, mainland US and even films that are recorded right here in Hawaii. This is located at Dole Cannery with free parking up to 4 hours. There are many types of memberships available here, but if you are planning to just spend some time viewing different films, then you can buy a flash pass that gives you a direct access to the lines outside the movie theater you chose to be in. You can buy tickets in advance via online to avoid the long lines that might be present occasionally. Their event calendar can be found here!

Doris Duke’s Shangri La

Doris Duke's Shangri La

Doris Duke’s Shangri La is a center for Islamic arts and cultures that offers guided tours, residencies for artists and scholars along with programs that are intuitively designed to improve understanding about Islam. This was built in 1937 as the Honolulu home of American Heiress and philanthropist Doris Duke. This is a five acre complex that includes a large square foot house, a playhouse, a pool and a comprising series of interlocking spaces. There are courtyards, lanais, terraces, gardens and numerous water based features. There are over 2,500 objects that are seamlessly embedded into the main structure of the house. The Shangri La is highly recognized for its artistic value and one of the most architecturally significant homes in Hawaii. This is a must-see place for visitors who are visiting Hawaii for the first time and their events calendar can be found here!