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US Army Museum of Hawaii

For all of its present-day peaceful beauty, it can be hard to believe that the Hawaiian Islands were an epicenter of violence during the turbulent years that encompassed World War II. As time moves forward, cultural and military organizations have made significant efforts to ensure that the memory of those that lost their lives fighting for freedom lives on and that the military story isn’t forgotten. Today, a visit to the Hawaiian Islands provides guests with opportunities to not only enjoy the modern-day marvels and beauty this destination provides but take a step back in time to remember the hard-fought past. A trip to the US Army Museum of Hawaii is an incredible stop that sheds light on past battles and efforts that ensured the survival of the Hawaiian Islands as they’re known today.

A Museum of Military Might

The US Army Museum of Hawaii can be found in Honolulu on the same grounds that host the Ft. DeRussy Recreation Center as well as the Hale Koa Hotel. A stop at this memorable museum puts visitors in touch with military artifacts as well as re-created experiences. Inside the museum, guests will be able to browse exhibits that highlight guns, tanks, helicopters and even bunkers that once served the US Army during armed conflicts and now remain to remind the public of these efforts. The museum is set up as a military timeline that walks guests through Hawaii’s role in the fight for freedom stemming back to ancient armies and working its way up through the Vietnam War. The museum’s location is significant as it’s built on a bastion that was once used to protect soldiers from potential invasions.

Planning a Visit to the Hawaii Army Museum 

The Hawaii army museum is open to the public 10:00 am until 5:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Admission is donation-based with audio guides available for a fee of $5. Those arriving with a vehicle will enjoy validated parking at $3.50 for an hour and $2 for every additional hour spent at the museum. No matter when you stop by to enjoy this incredible museum, you’ll walk away with a more insightful view as to how the military history of Hawaii has made it the beautiful beacon of tranquility it is today.

Enjoy an Island Experience

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