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Iolani Palace

The Hawaiian Islands are rich in white sand beaches, blue rolling waves and lush foliage that beckons travelers to come and explore the natural beauty. Flavorful luaus, upscale shopping and decadent dining opportunities keep this archipelago an amazing destination for visitors from near and far. But just as intriguing as the ocean view is the fact that the islands are linked to a deep and complex history. Those looking to gain insight into the royal past of the Hawaiian Island while they’re here won’t have to look much further than Iolani Palace in Hawaii.

A Luxurious Testament to the Past

The Iolani Palace in Hawaii sits in the heart of downtown Honolulu on the corners of King Street and Richard Street. It’s difficult to miss with its imposing and gorgeous façade that has been restored since the reign of King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani. The meticulous restoration process of this palace that once housed Hawaiian royalty has earned it the title of a National Historic Landmark. Iolani Palace is also the only registered royal palace in the United States of America, making it a truly unique and one-of-a-kind visit when you’re in Honolulu.

The palace was constructed in 1882 and was the primary residence of the royal family until the monarchy was dissolved in 1893. Today, a tour of the Iolani Palace not only gives guests an incredible insight into how the monarchy shaped the past and present culture of Hawaii but offers up an exclusive look at the luxurious life these monarchs led behind closed doors. The palace has been fully resorted to its original grandeur and includes furnishings, artifacts, artwork and bedrooms decorated to period-specific upscale taste and style. Additionally, visitors can wander the palace grounds which include tropical plants, incredible flowers and exquisite gazebos on sprawling lawns. Between the grand ballrooms, throne room and many private suites, it’s easy to see how the monarchs must have relished in the many beauties and opulence that surrounded them during their time in residence.

Planning a Visit

The Iolani Palace in Hawaii is available for guests to tour Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. Self-guided audio tours are available for those who prefer a more independent look at the grounds and palace while 60-90 minute guided tours can be booked in advance. Self-guided tours can be done at a cost of $20 for adults while guided tours are $27. Children 6 and up can do either type of tour for $6 while children 5 years old and younger can tour at no cost.

A Historical Island Stay

When you’re visiting Honolulu to tour the Iolani Palace, be sure to let the team at Koko Resorts take care of your vacation rental details. We’re happy to help you find a property that keeps you close to the landmark destinations you want to see while providing that unsurpassed view you crave. Contact us today to begin planning!

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