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Bishop Museum

The Hawaiian Islands are host to some of the most beautiful beaches and incredible waves in the world. They are often associated with the beauty of lush rainforests, volatile volcanoes and incredible wildlife that comes with a side of vibrant color. While the aesthetic appeal is unmistakable, it’s often a look into the culture and history of these islands that makes a trip truly remarkable. When you’re here and looking for the foundational meaning behind the stunning islands you’re enjoying, make a trip to Bishop Museum a must-do on your vacation itinerary.

History and Culture Combined

Standing at 1525 Bernice Street in Honolulu, the Bishop Museum in Hawaii houses some of the most incredible items and artifacts related to the history and culture of the islands. Open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, a single admission ticket will earn you entrance to the museum’s many galleries. While children 4 and under are admitted at no cost, adults can enter the Bishop Museum for $24.95 and children 5 to 17 receive a discounted rate of $16.95.
Once you step inside, it’s easy to see why a trip to the Bishop Museum is not to be missed. A variety of daily educational programs combined with permanent exhibits makes for an engaging and interactive experience. Dive into the history of Hawaii by browsing the many historical collections that take a deeper look at Pacific culture. The landscape that makes up the islands is examined through a scientific lens at this museum. Guests will enjoy a trip through the Mamiya Scientific Center where a volcano stands. Stick around and be a part of the lava explosion and melting demonstration for a truly incredible experience!

More to Explore

When it’s time to take a trip through the stars, guests will want to make their way towards the museum’s planetarium. Learn about the constellations that have long framed the legends of voyage and sea travel throughout Hawaii’s vast history.
A trip through Hawaiian Hall is often a highlight of any visit to this museum. Three floors cover the complex stories of the Gods that are said to look after the Hawaiian Islands as well as conventions of daily island life and a look at overall history. An art gallery and native foliage garden are also on display, providing guests with a comprehensive look at this diverse and captivating destination.

Book a Stay to Visit the Bishop Museum in Hawaii

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