Waimanalo Beach

Hawaii is world-famous for its spectacular vistas, amazing flavors and rich culture that makes a visit not only memorable but meaningful. Wherever you look, there’s more to see and explore. Visitors come to the islands in search of encounters with marine life, incredible treks through jungles and canyons as well as opportunities to surf, dine and be entertained in true Polynesian style. While the fun is easy to find, a trip to Hawaii wouldn’t be complete with a stop at a few of the best beaches around. The list may be long, but those that know where to look will quickly realize Waimanalo Beach is something special. If you’re a traveler with a heart for the space where the sand meets the sea, a trip to Waimanalo Beach Park is not to be missed.

A Captivating Oahu Destination

Integrated into the greater Waimanalo Beach Park, Waimanalo Beach is settled along the shores of windward Oahu and holds the title as the longest uninterrupted white sand beach on the island. Offering up 3 miles of sugar-white sand, Waimanalo Beach is the ideal place to go for a stroll along the water or settle in for a day of soaking up the sun. Upon arriving at Waimanalo Beach, visitors are often struck by the gorgeous contrast between the white sand and aqua waves that are hard to recreate elsewhere on the map. Making this area even more interesting is the collection of towering Ironwood trees that dot the landscape and provide just the right amount of shade, texture and extra beauty a visitor would expect from this dynamic destination.

Planning a Visit to Waimanelo Beach Park

While Waimanalo Beach is the best place to head when you’re craving a shoreline walk, it’s also an amazing place for those travelers with a heart for boogie boarding. The moderate waves and endless stretches of blue water make Waimanalo Beach a boogie boarder’s best friend. Swimming is allowed at Waimanalo Beach , but the possibility of strong currents means it’s important for visitors to stick to the designated swimming areas indicated by signs. The beach can be easily accessed on a daily basis through beach parks that exist on both the northern and southern edges of the Waimanalo Beach Park. Feel free to pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it when you plan on spending time at this gorgeous Hawaiian destination.

Let Island Inspiration Lead the Way

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