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USS Arizona Memorial

The Hawaiian Islands provide visitors with some of the most beautiful natural landscapes on the planet. Teeming with exotic flowers, tropical foliage, volcanoes, mountains, and white sand beaches, it has long been the enchanting splendor of the scenery that draws guests in. However, within the captivating aesthetic lies a military history steeped in wartime tragedy and unsurpassed bravery. When Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941, crew members serving aboard the USS Arizona paid the ultimate price. Today, visitors to the Pearl Harbor Monument are respectfully invited to come and honor the 1,177 crew members who lost their lives that day by visiting the USS Arizona Memorial.

Honoring Those That Served

Located at 1 Arizona Place in Honolulu, a visit to the memorial comes free of charge but guests are asked to check their bags at the visitor center prior to moving onto the memorial sites. A visit to the USS Arizona Memorial begins with an opportunity to view a short documentary telling the story of that fateful day when tragedy struck Pearl Harbor and the U.S. took its first official steps into World War II. As the Japanese Imperial Air Service struck unexpectedly from the skies, crew members onboard the USS Arizona in Hawaii were trapped within the vessel and when the vessel sunk, it took those very same military members with it.
Once the documentary is complete, guests have the option of being ferried out to the sight of the sinking where they can pay their respects on the very place these brave individuals lost their lives. Boats leave every 15-minutes and are operated by the U.S. Navy which still works from this naval base. Boats can easily accommodate up to 145-passengers at a time. A walkway built over the site of the wreckage allows visitors to experience the tremendous size and impact of this dark event in history.
After visiting the USS Arizona Memorial, guests can make their way to three additional exhibits including the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, The Pacific Aviation Museum and the Battleship Missouri Memorial. Buses to Ford Island leave from the central Visitors Center for those interested in touring the aviation museum.

An Island of History at the USS Arizona Memorial

Hawaii holds the stories of thousands of individuals who served their country faithfully and paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. When you’re here to visit these sites of honor that history holds dear, be sure to let the team at Koko Resorts help you find a stunning vacation rental. Contact us today to begin planning your meaningful trip to Hawaii.

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