National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

The Hawaiian Islands have long been a tropical refuge for those looking to get out of the routine of everyday life and into an experience that promises ease, beauty, and tranquility. While there is peace to be found in the natural beauty of this destination, for many individuals, Hawaii is a place of military remembrance that brings peace through honoring the past and individuals that fought hard for freedom. From ancient days up through the Vietnam War, Hawaii has served as an epicenter of military strategy. While it has protected the basic human rights of generations of Americans, it has also been the place where men and women of the military have lost their lives in the effort to protect. A visit to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific provides a stunning look at how many individuals have been convicted to the point of giving their very lives for the country and freedom they love.

A Visit that Honors the Past

The National Memorial Cemetery in Hawaii sits at 2177 Puowaina Drive in Honolulu and was first established in 1949 as World War II drew to a close. Today, the cemetery is both a final resting place for veterans as well as a highly-regarded military memorial, honoring the memory of all of those who have sacrificed themselves during battle. The cemetery hosts upwards of 34,000 graves as well as a cremation columbarium. Sprawling green lawns and pristine, meticulously maintained statues provide a beautiful and peaceful place for visitors to come and pay their respects. The cemetery is open to the public daily between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. The general office is open for those who have questions or are looking for a specific gravesite until 4:30 pm. The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific honors all Federal holidays but is open to the public on Memorial Day in a sign of respect for fallen soldiers. A trip through the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific is a moving event that honors the past while celebrating the future that was made possible with these many sacrifices.

Plan Your Visit to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

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