Mango Jam Honolulu

Where flavor, creativity, and culture collide, the Hawaiian Islands are at their best. Year-round, these stunning and vibrant islands invite visitors to come and make the most of the sea, sand, and sun in style. While Hawaii is a place to settle on the beach and soak up the rays, its energy is just as rooted in a rich cultural heritage that is celebrated at various times throughout the year. If your travel plans happen to bring you to Honolulu in June, be sure to make time to participate in the Mango Jam in Hawaii where visitors and locals get together in the name of all things culture and make the most of time spent together!

Family Fun for All

Mango Jam Honolulu will be held June 21st through the 22nd in 2019 at the Frank F. Fasi Civics Grounds located at 550 S. King Street in Honolulu. Parking is free as is entrance to the festivities that are open to all with welcoming arms. June 21, 2019, the fun begins at 4:30 pm and runs through 9:00 pm as amazing local bands take to the stage and food and beverages abound. Headliners include Iron Mango, Ten Feet and Kumu Ainsley K. Halemanu. Saturday’s events will begin at 10:00 am and continue on until 9:00 pm with live music being hosted from start to finish. While major name headliners are always announced, part of the fun of showing up at Mango Jam Honolulu is seeing who will arrive as a guest performer each day.

Music and More at Mango Jam Honolulu

While Mango Jam Honolulu brings people together on the island in the name of music, it’s also a place to discover incredible hand-crafted goods, savory delicious food and make the most of tropical drinks. A vast number of local vendors take advantage of a place at Mango Ham Honolulu to display and sell their wares. Guests to this event can purchase everything from clothing to jewelry, art, agricultural products and more. Mango Jam Honolulu is an annual island event you won’t want to miss!

Book a Beautiful Stay

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