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Koko Crater Railway Trail

The archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands has long been a destination that calls to travelers looking for that pristine, beach getaway. White sandy beaches, lush green forests, hilly volcanoes, and scenic canyons make these islands some of the most picturesque on earth. Even more fascinating is how the past of the Hawaiian Islands seeps into the present-day activities that get visitors out and exploring from new and incredible heights. One of the best examples of this unique transformation from past to present is the Koko Crater Railway Trail near Honolulu that’s definitely worth a trek while you’re here.

Hike to New Heights at the Koko Crater Railway Trail

While the Koko Crater in Hawaii is rated as difficult, hikers that are looking for some truly astounding views will find the payoff is more than worth the effort. Covering over 2-miles of uphill ground, Koko Head Crater Trail is comprised of over 1,000 steps that are built from existing rail ties that were essential to the troops during World War II. What was once used to transport military supplies is today one of the most challenging routes that lead hikers to one of the most stunning crater-top views in Hawaii. The trail begins at Koko Head Park and provides easy access to parking at the nearby baseball diamonds. It’s advisable to pack plenty of water for this trek as it can be strenuous but does offer up places to step aside and take in the sights as you climb. Because this tail is conveniently located near both Waikiki and Diamond Head, it is highly popular with visitors staying in both areas. For the most peaceful experience, be sure to head out early in the morning. Those who are naturally early birds may even be lucky enough to catch the sunrise from the top of the crater.

During the trek up the trail, there are plenty of colorful wildflowers to be admired. At the crater summit, hikers enjoy their rewards which include panoramic views of the eastern Honolulu shoreline. Those with a passion for photography will want to make the most of these sky-high vantage points for capturing amazing images after they’ve conquered the many steep steps. Be sure to plan for extra time making your way down the trail as the angle can create a need to slow down the pace as compared to the climb up. No matter when you take on Koko Crater Railway Trail, the experience is sure to be an amazing workout and the summit is a view you won’t soon forget.

Climb and Stay in Style

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