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Ko Olina Lagoons

Hawaii is a versatile vacation destination that promises to serve up a little something for travelers of all styles and tastes. For those that love to get out on the waves, the island provides the undeniable energy and challenge of the North Shore. For those that enjoy making their way through a new place by flavor, the islands give ample options for dining on traditional and infused fare. Still, those that value time spent hiking, biking and exploring will love wandering through a maze of lush rainforest and being surprised by captivating canyons and volcanoes. Between all of the excursions, tours, and breathtaking sights, it’s important to find time to unwind and truly appreciates the tranquility this landscape can also provide. When you’re looking to catch your breath and take in a view without the hustle and bustle, make your way to Oahu’s Ko Olina Lagoons.

A Man-Made Marvel Worth a Visit

The concept for the Lagoons at Ka Olina began in the 1980s and as it took shape, visitors and locals began to recognize the multiple benefits of such a destination. Located on the western side of the island, Ko Olina Lagoons are man-made beach coves that were created to inspire the mind and senses. While the coves are designed as an integral part of the private Marriott Beach Resort, the pedestrian walkways leading to the various crescent-shaped lagoons are open to the public and the perfect place to find yourself when you’re craving a stop that comes with plenty of peace and quiet.

What You Can Expect at the Ko Olina Lagoons

A visit to one or all of the lagoons at Ka Olina is a leisurely experience that was crafted to deliver up a deliciously tranquil moment or two. It doesn’t take long to make your way from one lagoon to the other once you arrive and the sand that graces each of these coves was imported from other islands in the archipelago specifically for its sugar-white coloring and powdery feel. Take time to admire the beauty of the natural stone walls that have been built up at varying points around the lagoons to ensure the surf remains calm, even as the tide changes. Whether you’re here to marvel at the craftsmanship or can’t wait to indulge in a quiet, beautiful moment, a trip to Ko Olina Lagoons is well-worth a visit during your Oahu journey.

Make Time to Unwind

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