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Kini Ke Kua Transformative Images Exhibition at Bishop Museum

Throngs of travelers every year are drawn to the shores of the Hawaiian Islands in the name of a captivating and scenic escape from everyday life. The dynamic landscapes and an endless variety of savory flavors make Hawaii a place where people come with the promise of relaxing and unwinding in style at top of mind. From luau’s to long walks on white sand beaches, Hawaii is a destination that delivers big on gorgeous views that blend landscapes and skyscapes. While the scenery is exceptional, the Hawaiian Islands are also destinations deeply rooted in history, culture, and spirituality. Gods and guardians have long been interwoven into the islands’ history with these same incredible landforms often playing a central role in the reason for faith in realms unseen. Those travelers to Hawaii with a heart for understanding the complexity of religion and culture will want to make sure to make time to visit the Kini Ke Kua Transformative Images Exhibition at Bishop Museum during their stay. Here, the concepts of all of these complex features are examined through art.

A Transformative Experience at the Bishop Museum in Hawaii

Through September 2, 2019, the Kini Ke Kua Transformative Images Exhibition will be on full display at the Bishop Museum in Hawaii which is located at 1525 Bernice Street in Honolulu. Admission is $24.95 for adults and $16.95 for children between the ages of 4 and 7. Children under the age of 4 enjoy free admission to the exhibit. The exhibition is a collection of wood carvings, oil paintings, sculptures and photographs that take observers on a journey through the heart of Ki’i.
Ki’i references images that have long been associated with a deep-seated sense of spiritually that has defined the peoples that call Hawaii home for centuries. In many cases, the wood carvings and paintings reflect the physical form of deities that culture has determined to act in the interest of the masses or may represent a protector of an individual family. Over time, cultural ties to Ki’i have changed and the exhibit works to show how and why those transformations have occurred. Whether you are an expert in Hawaiian history or interested in learning more, this exhibition promises to be an eye-opening experience you won’t soon forget.

Experiencing the Best of the Islands

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