Kapiolani Park

Traveling to the Hawaiian Islands is often an experience in beauty, nature, man-made wonders, and culture colliding. As intriguing as it is complex, visitors to this archipelago tend to quickly fall in love with the captivating landscape as well as the stories, legends, and traditions that tie island culture to these majestic land masses. One of the best examples of history remaining intact in the form of nature happens to be Kapiolani Park. This is one of the most incredible Honolulu parks, and it has roots dating back to 1887 and an appeal that remains just as strong for visitors and locals alike today.

A Historical Icon in Hawaii

Sprawling across 130 acres of land, Kapiolani Park is a pristine reminder of some of history’s greatest gifts and love stories. Named after Queen Kapiolani, this park was given to the island’s people in 1887. It quickly became a popular social gathering place and today, continues to draw visitors in who are seeking a scenic destination to enjoy a picnic with friends and family or spend an afternoon in friendly competition on the vast green fields that dot the park.

Experience Kapiolani Park

Kapiolani Park is sure to impress new visitors with its natural beauty that comes in the form of towering trees that have called the park home for over 100 years, definitely one of the best Honolulu parks. Those with a passion for tying up their laces and hitting the pavement will appreciate the more than 3 miles of jogging path that are meticulously cared for at Kapiolani Park as well. Soccer fields and tennis courts hosted on the park grounds make the perfect place to come and enjoy a game or two with friends while a series of aerobic stations provide stopping points along the jogging path to focus on strength and endurance.

Summer Entertainment

While visitors from out of town often find themselves in Kapiolani Park in search of the infamous Diamond Head, locals love this area for the many concerts and summer shows that are put on at the Waikiki Shell. From traditional concerts to big-name pop groups, Kapiolani Park continues to host musical performances in the same way they were held regularly for Queen Kapiolani herself. Whether you find yourself here in the name of history or can’t wait to make the most of the spacious fields and views, Kapiolani Park is a pristine stop on your Oahu itinerary.

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