Honolulu Snorkeling and Diving

When traveling to Hawaii, be sure to experience the best Honolulu activities, this incredible destination is sure to be an experience in scenic beauty, swaying palm trees and gorgeous stretches of beaches that make soaking up the sun truly irresistible. Between the many restaurants, luau’s, shopping and entertainment options, it may be crazy to think you’d ever want to leave the land, that is until the intrigue of the underwater world presents itself. Crystal-clear waters that run warm year-round make Hawaii a prime location for those that love to dive and snorkel. Incredible tropical ecosystems await just below the waves, much to the delight of those with a passion for pursuing a world under the sea. Enjoy the best Honolulu snorkeling and diving experiences. If you happen to be staying in Honolulu and are looking for the best places to start your underwater adventures, here are a few to add to the itinerary.

Best in Diving Experience

Once you’re a certified diver, the ocean opens up with a world of possibilities waiting to be explored. When you’re in Honolulu and ready to dive, feel free to do so independently with a trip to what is referenced as YO-257 or the Upright Ship just off the shores of Waikiki. For more than two years, this sunken ship has been a hot spot for divers from near and far looking to combine the best of underwater adventure and mystique. Enjoy making your way 100 feet below the surface where this coral-covered vessel is surrounded by tropical fish and provides interesting paths of exploration through open windows and doors. If you prefer to dive with a guide, Living Ocean Scuba provides incredible and comprehensive diving trips to Hanauma Bay beginning at around $115 per person.

Best in Honolulu Snorkeling

Hanauma Bay is also a snorkeling highlight for those that prefer to admire the beauty below the waves without needing an air tank to do so. Living Ocean Scuba provides guided snorkeling experiences for only $79 per person with trips departing daily at 3:00 pm. Sans Souci Beach is another snorkeling destination that guarantees an incredible day on the water. Enjoy encounters with sea turtles, reef, coral and tropical fish as you make your way through the gentle turquoise waters.

Hawaii Calling

When you’re excited to make the most incredible Honolulu snorkeling, and diving be sure you’re booked into beautiful accommodations that keep you close to watery access points you can’t wait to explore. At Koko Resorts, our collection of vacation rentals come complete with the luxury, elegance, and comfort you crave. Contact us today for more information and to begin planning your next adventure to Hawaii.

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