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Battleship Missouri Memorial

Many travelers set their sights on the Hawaiian Islands for the tropical getaway the archipelago promises to deliver. Between the rolling blue waves, lush tropical forests and sugary white sand beaches, visitors easily get swept up in the island spirit that feels far from the grind of everyday life. However, beyond the island paradise image, the Hawaiian Island plays host to a history that’s saturated in military success and defeats. Historians, veterans, and visitors with a passion for understanding the past make their way this direction to encounter some of the most moving military memorials imaginable. One of these includes the Battleship Missouri Memorial which rests in Honolulu and makes for an impressive and enlightening look back at the events of World War II and their impact on the islands.

A Hard-Fought History

As part of the greater Pearl Harbor Memorial site, the Battleship Missouri stands as a reminder that no matter the violence and tragedy that befell the world, peace was ultimately possible. The Battleship Missouri in Hawaii was added to the exhibit in 1999 give visitors a chance to appreciate the vessel where the Allied and Axis powers met to agree to an end to World War II. In a place where so much was lost, the Battleship Missouri in Hawaii is a firm reminder of hard-earned successes that came from a long, dark war.

Tour Options

Guest visiting the Battleship Missouri Memorial have access to the Battleship Missouri with the cost of general admission but can always upgrade their self-guided experience to a guided tour at a cost of $25 for adults and $12 for children. The guided tour takes you inside the vessel and delivers an insightful look at just how complex and impressive the ship is. Visitors will get an up-close look at the weaponry, engine room and fire room that made the Battleship Missouri such a dangerous force to be reckoned with on the high seas. Closed-toe shoes are recommended for this tour as guests will be invited to climb several flights of stairs and make their way through smaller spaces requiring a significant amount of walking.

Enjoy a Historical Stay

A trip to Honolulu is made that much more meaningful when you have the opportunity to visit the Battleship Missouri Memorial. Maximize your experience out discovering the island’s past by booking a beautiful vacation rental through Koko Resorts. Our team is happy to take care of the details so you can spend more time enjoying the sights and history that make the Hawaiian Islands so special. Contact us today to start planning your next trip.

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