5 Best Kept Secrets of Honolulu

Moon Garden Restaurant

Moon Garden Restaurant If you are in the mood for good Chinese food that is away from Chinatown, then make sure to visit the Moon Garden restaurant. It is located in a residential area on Vineyard, which is closer to Times. Parking is tight yet free and right next to the restaurant. This is small restaurant that can accommodate around 50 people at a time. However, there are 2 large tables available here to seat 15 people, so if you are planning to come in with a group of people, then make sure to call ahead and get your tables reserved. The various dishes are prepared meticulously and is quite a delicious treat for all to enjoy. The most sought after dishes are walnut shrimp, Singapore noodles, fried fofu, pork ribs and orange chicken. One of the primary dishes that most prefer is the fried flounder. Service here is fast and excellent. Affordable prices make it a great place to enjoy a lavish evening with friends and family.

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Ike’s Hanauma Bay Tours:

Ike is a cool Hawaiian Spirit filled guy who provides you with a lot of inside information about the Hanauma Bay area. He really cares about the bay and is a fun-loving guy to spend time with as you explore the bay. This tour is definitely not for the average touristy treatment, since Ike has a great sense of humor and makes sure that the entire tour is filled with a lot of knowledge and fun. His gear is top notch and as advertised. He has a wealth of information about the bay which he shares while the exploration continues. You are picked up at the right time and dropped back safely in his van. Make sure to bring in your beach towels, snacks, water bottles, cash for the tram, sunscreen and anything else you might consider to take to the beach, such as an underwater camera.

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The Nook Neighborhood Bistro:

The Nook Neighborhood Bistro If you want to dine in a little place filled with friendly people, then the Nook Neighborhood Bistro is certainly the place to be. There is always someone helping another person with their tables, running food, filling water, smiling and taking a chat as if they were all friends. Green eggs are a tasty delicacy here, so make sure to try them. The drinks here that were pumped from the little bar they had, are quite refreshing and tasty too. Brekkie stack is quite popular too along with the Mochiko chicken and waffles. Make sure to be there before 9am to avoid the long wait. They have recently started serving dinner too and remain open until midnight. This is quite easily, the best place to gather your friends and have a wonderful night filled with delicious food.

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Hula Grill Waikiki

This is certainly a great place for lunch upon your arrival into the Hawaiian Islands. Breakfasts are awesome as well. Oatmeal is perfectly cooked and served with fresh toppings of mango along with a slight sprinkle of brown sugar. Tasty burgers were perfect for lunch time. This is a restaurant that has a prime seating along the ocean front. Ocean view from most of the seats is ever so free and dazzling as you munch on the delicious food. Eggs over fried rice is quite popular here while the freshly squeezed pineapple juice and the Bloody Mary is beyond just perfect. Hula grill is a famous place among the many tourists who visit the islands for the first time, since the ocean view is too good to resist as you settle down for a fabulous time with friends and families.

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